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Brand New Website

It was about time that I got round to doing this and finally it is (nearly) complete. The website has been re-written from the ground up to make it faster and more consistent, my hope eventually being to release the source code for everyone to use.

The primary reason for the re-write of the website is that the previous ‘blue’ website was hashed together from online tutorials, code snippets and myself reading the Ruby on Rails API, it worked okay but was slow, produced frequent errors and filled up my hosting server with logs, I corrected some of this in the back end several week ago but I still wasn’t happy. Hence the re-write.

Techie Bit: Over the course of my coding I have made the website more OO in the background so it is easier to maintain and to add to, also I have added more features to the website, the primary features being better security and the ability for me to categorize my posts, more features will be added over the coming weeks. I have also correctly configured the Rails settings and started to use migrations to manage the database. All of this should serve to make the website faster.

Everything should be in the same link locations as they always were, I did this to make sure that links from other websites still work correctly, if you find something out of place, do not hesitate to contact me. Unfortunately as a side effect of the change, users that have previously signed up to post comments have had their accounts erased due to authentication changes. The website will not be re-written again so it is safe to signup.

Anyways, that’s all for now, hope you like the new website.