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I'm Back

I know I haven’t posted for a while but I just got absorbed into Uni, seen as the year is almost over however I thought i’d make a come back, of sorts. Hopefully from now on I will be posting more often and about topics that aren’t limited to my applications and website downtime, which seems to be the only content in my previous posts recently.

Development on my application iSyncIt has started again and it shouldn’t be too long until the 1.0 release is out & working better than ever, unfortunately it do not know what will happen to iSyncIt when Leopard is released, mainly because I don’t know how the Bluetooth framework will work and I can’t afford to get a pre-release of Leopard.

Work on the new website has been continuing and it is almost ready. There is a new look that is not too distant from the current look, however it is a little more readable. Categories and user levels are also supported meaning I can write a support forum for the website.

I will most definitely be posting again soon, so check back.