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Recently, I have had a closer look at the website logs and noticed, to my surprise that I am getting a lot of hits from German users, especially to the software pages. I have therefore decided to start work on localizing iSyncIt, my primary application, into German. I am aiming to have the localization integrated from the 1.0 releases for now, the 0.x releases will remain in English only.

If you are German speaking and what your name in the credits for iSyncIt then; use the application, translate all of the strings and messages in it and contact me with the localized strings. If nobody comes forward to help with this momentous task then I will be performing the translations with Babel Fish.

On a side note, iSyncIt 0.7 has just been released, there aren’t many changes in this release, just the ability to add iSyncIt to your ‘Login Items’. You can download it here.